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9 Smart Devices that Prevent Fires in the Home

All of us want to feel safe in our own homes. In case of an emergency, the right type of preparation can make the difference between a full-blown catastrophe and a self-contained event. In Canada, 47% of fires occur in residential homes. In order to prevent fires, or at least help prevent them, the best way is to have the appropriate technology. Buckby experts want you to know about these life-saving devices that can help prevent fires in your home.

Auto Door Close by Lifedoor

What would be your first reaction if a fire broke out in your home? We need to shut all the doors in the house to prevent the fire from spreading! It's unlikely. Your brain will be occupied with how you can get to a safe place for yourself and your family. This device shuts the door automatically when the fire alarm sounds. In this way, any fire outside or inside of specific rooms takes longer to spread to the rest of the house. You may be able to save your home from a full-blown fire with a device that does this for you. In addition, you will have more time to check for smoke or fire and leave the house.

Stove locks, Guards and Alerts

Home fires can be prevented in many different ways, especially when it comes to the stove or electrical equipment. We recommend the following devices for stovetops and electrical appliances in the units. Cooking equipment is involved in 20% of home fire deaths. If stovetops are left unattended, or electric appliances are left plugged in. With these devices, you can find out when something is on when you leave it on. Some of these devices can automatically shut off your stove or appliances once they reach a certain temperature.

Stove Knob Locks

The most common way for a person to start a fire in the home is by leaving their stove on by accident. So for the best way to avoid this there is many devices so that you can be notified that you left them on. Some of the devices even automatically shut the stove off. 2Gig sends an alert when the knob is turned from the off position. This type of technology is good for senior's homes or even when parents have children in the house. This can help you know when the stove is on, especially when you are not near.

Environment Sensors

Innohome fire safety is an Alarm when there is an anomaly is detected. This could be an anomaly anywhere in the home, but some of the most popular places to put these sensors in the home are in the kitchen. Some of the top devices by this brand are a sensor that you stick to your stove, and a smart sensor plug-in, so that you can have electric appliances automatically turned off.

Automatic Outlet Control

The iGuardFire is electronic on/off controller that communicates with a power box that connects to a stove. The power source for people's stoves can be controlled remotely via this device. Thus, when you're not at home and you see one of these heat anomalies, you can automatically turn off your stove. This could prevent a serious fire.

Chamber-less Fire Detector

NodOn-LED, chamber-less fire detectors that can detect heat changes before smoke appears. The homeowner may be alerted before the fire actually occurs. Using LED technology, one of the lights is an infrared LED that detects obstructions. A blue LED light indicates whether or not the obstruction is smoke. Smoke detectors using this technology have been rated more accurate than traditional smoke detectors, allowing homeowners to be alerted to a fire before it occurs.

Tempurature Detection

The sensor in Safer Alarms is closer to the potential fire source. Prevents smoke from forming by detecting unusual heat. A smoke detector of this kind can be safer than a regular smoke detector. Heat is detected by this sensor before smoke is detected. Despite this being great, you might be asking yourself "how would this work since I live in the north and my home's temperature changes with the seasons?" While this may be true, the temperature changes we feel in our homes from winter to summer are minimal. The device detects extreme heat temperatures that are outside of a normal range.

Fire Detection for Apartments or Condos

SftyAS offers smoke detectors with wifi capabilities for condos, apartments, and hotels. When one smoke detector is triggered, all smoke detectors in the building will be triggered. It makes multi-unit buildings safer because tenants are more likely to evacuate if there is a fire rather than just one. It is a precautionary measure to protect lives before a fire spreads. While this may seem annoying to poor cooks, it is a safer alternative.

Digital Sensors for all Home Anomalies

Using cloud analytics, OneEvent Technologies monitors environmental conditions in your home and notifies you when temperature, humidity, motion, and parameters change. The data is gathered during your everyday life, so you know when anything is out of the ordinary. You could potentially save your life because sometimes carbon monoxide is present in our environment that we cannot see.

Get in touch with Buckby today if any of these fire prevention devices sound like something you need! Have our experts install your new devices in the best spots! Schedule a consultation today!


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