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The Top 10 Signs you need to Replace your Windows

The windows in your home are crucial to your home's energy efficiency and are one of the biggest reasons you have energy loss. It may be from old single-paned windows or the frame of the window is old. You will spend more money on your furnace during the winter months due to these factors. To find out when your windows need to be replaced, here is Buckby's checklist.

Signs to look out for to determine if your windows need replacing:

Do you feel a draft near your windows?

Do you hear whistling from your windows? Is there cold air coming into your home through your windows? If you don't know how to test this, take a tissue and hold it near the window frame. If it moves, you have a draft. It is easier to notice drafty windows in the winter, but old window frames can be observed at any time of year because they allow light to enter through gaps in the frame.

Has your energy bill gone up recently?

Your energy bills have gone up and you don't know why it could be because your windows are old and need to be replaced. TA drafty window causes your furnace to work overtime to heat the rest of the house, which is not a good thing. During the summer, your AC can also lose just as much energy by working overtime due to air escaping through your windows.

Are your windows single, double or triple pane?

Most people do not know if their windows are single-, double- or triple-paned when they buy a home. An increase in your energy bill at the end of each month is a good sign, particularly during the winter months. The reason is that single-pane windows don't provide insulation or soundproofing. Your furnace will have to fight against the temperature changes outside to keep your home at the temperature you would like.

Do your windows operate properly?

When a window lock is properly functioning, it acts as an extra seal to keep air from escaping. If you are having difficulty opening or closing your window, you may need to check your window locks and seals. Home security also includes window locks, so having a malfunctioning window lock can compromise the security of your home.

Do you have weeping windows?

This occurs when the warm air meets with the cold window, this can happen for a few reasons, but if it is constant and frost appears this is a sign of a bad window. If you have weeping windows and moisture buildup in between your window panes then it is time to think of investing in a new set of windows for your home.

Do you have Moisture built up between window panes?

Double glazed windows contain argon or krypton gas between them to minimize heat transfer. When the seal between them is broken you will see moisture build-up between the panes. A cracked seal is a sure sign to replace your windows. Still not sure how to tell if your windows seal has broken, then call an expert at Buckby to assess your windows.

Can you hear everything outside?

It could be a sign that you need new windows if you can hear every noise that occurs outside. Good windows will provide you with some sound insulation. This could be the sign of single-pane windows or old frames. Insulating your home with double- and triple-paned windows can solve this problem of sound and heat transmission.

Do you have decaying frames?

Over time, even high-quality frames can rot and decay. You should replace your window frames and window sills if they show signs of mold or rot. The details of how old your roof, windows, and other aspects of your home can be crucial to your budget and planning for replacements. Buckby wants you to feel confident that your home is warm and that you are saving money on your energy bills.

Does your home need some added curb appeal?

Windows are the most visible part of your home. If your windows look outdated, so will your home. If your windows look outdated, they probably are. Understanding the age of your windows and home is crucial to the upkeep of your house. For a second opinion on how old your windows are, don't hesitate to contact one of our experts at Buckby.

Do your windows have visible damage?

In addition, visible damage to your windows can be caused by everyday wear and tear from windows that protect you from the elements. Check your windows for cracks, water damage, and even warping. If you see any of these signs in your home's windows, you might want to replace them.

If you're unsure whether your windows need to be replaced, give Buckby a call today! We at Buckby work fast and with precision to ensure that the job is done right. Contact us today for a consultation!

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