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Our clients tell us we offer something extra. If the following sounds like the type of company and environment you would like to work for, complete the contact form below and we will contact you once there is a position available.  

  • We offer informed expertise to our clients by utilizing our comprehensive knowledge of the property industry. This saves them time, headaches, wasted money and disappointment

  • Faster client response rate at every stage of a job 

  • A fair price

  • The Buckby tailored customer experience (we are committed to offering the best experience to every customer) 

  • We got you covered (from permits to small maintenance items to full-scale renovations)

  • We take care of the day-to-day maintenance of our clients’ properties to keep them in good shape, which keeps tenants feeling valued, resulting in a better-kept building.

  • Performing renovations that will extend the life and increase the value of our clients’ properties, giving them a better long-term return on their investment.

  • Hiring great staff and mentoring them to grow their skillset and feel like a valued employee (happy employees do better work for our clients).

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If your home or rental property needs some updates, please contact us to discuss how we can make a difference for you.

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