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5 Signs to Know When to Replace your Roof

Whether you have recently bought a new home or been in your home for a while, it is always good to know the condition of your roof. The roof of your home is one of the first lines of defence against the elements, and knowing how long a roof lasts, or what the signs are that you need to look for in order to know if it needs replacing can be crucial information for a homeowner.

Signs to look out for to determine if your roof needs replacement:

Are my shingles in good condition?

missing granules on shingles

Granule loss is the first sign you should watch out for. This problem occurs when granules stop bonding with the underlayment of your roof, or if granules become dislodged and fall off the roof. Missing granules look like dark and light patches depending on the colour of the shingle. You may also see lots of granules in your gutters when you clean them.

curling shingles

What does an old roof look like?

With proper care, your roof can last decades. When you notice curling, this is an indicator that it’s time to consider a replacement. Curling occurs when the asphalt in your shingles dries and shrinks over time causing shoe-like shingles. The asphalt should be replaced with a fibreglass or composition shingle for safety reasons to prevent leaks after the curling process takes place.

How does moss affect my roof?

moss on roof

Lots of Moss is oftentimes not harmful to the shingles. However, if the Moss is left long enough or becomes widespread it is capable of causing problems with the shingles making them weaker and more susceptible to damage.

missing shingles

How does the weather affect my roof?

It’s time for a new roof. Unable to withstand the forces of nature, your old roofing shingles have been blown away. Left unattended, your roof will continue to deteriorate, eventually compromising the integrity of your home.

How do I know if my roof needs replacing?

Roof replacement

Knowing the age of your roof can determine between a simple repair or a full roof replacement. In our experience, most asphalt roofs start to fail after 14 years. So if your roof is anywhere from 18-20 years old, it is probably time to replace it.

We make it our mission to inspect your roof closely. Our experts at Buckby will work fast and with precision to ensure that the job is done properly. Book a consultation today!


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