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Top 5 Flooring Trends for 2022

Buckby strives to keep our customers' homes up to date with the latest trends. The flooring department is one of our specialties. Talk to an expert or read this guide for more ideas if you are unsure what might be right for your home.

1. Hard Surface Flooring

You may be wondering, how is this a trend? Absolutely! Shag carpets were the most popular way to decorate your home's interior in the 70's. Later on, sleek carpets replaced them. However, tiles and vinyl planks are now the most popular flooring materials. Vinyl planking is so popular because of all the amazing benefits it can offer to the interior of your home. No more stains on the carpet from spilled drinks or pet accidents. Vinyl Plank flooring is a waterproof, easy-to-clean flooring option. In some cases, vinyl planking can save you money every month on your energy bills. Also, they come in a wide variety of looks, from wood to stone tiles, what more could you want?

2. Stone, Wood & Natural Textures

As we mentioned above, hard surface floors have an amazing appearance. A natural stone that looks like marble is always a nice touch. However, it is not always the most affordable option. With all the vinyl options available, you can get the look you want in your home for the price you want! Improve your home's look and feel with these beautiful flooring options! Buckby also offers a FREE quote!

3. Gray, Blondes and Whites are Trending

Dark woods and tiles are a thing of the past! Brighten up your home with lighter and brighter floors! As with painting a room white, this can create the illusion of more space. In the 2022 interior design world, gray vinyl plank flooring is one of the hottest trends. You can find these popular colours not only in vinyl but also in laminate flooring. Providing you with a cheaper, yet just as beautiful option when it comes to flooring. Laminate has a variety of wood looks, wider planks, and is water-resistant as well.

4. Patterns

Patterns are making a comeback after starting in the 1970s. As our clothing styles have made a comeback, so can our flooring! As a way to add those extra details while keeping your home looking modern, pattern flooring is making a comeback. The patterns within your flooring are a great way to add a creative element to your room, especially if it is a large one. Find out if your flooring options can be made into a pattern with Buckby.

5. Carpet, Carpet, Carpet

A carpet is a classic look in any home. A carpet can be detailed or simple, colorful or neutral. Now there are even more options to choose from. You can now place carpet planks in your home to create rugs, mats, or a whole new look for your room if you prefer to have a mix of flooring options. Renters should consider this option since they can personalize the home without causing damage! There are also a lot of pattern carpets coming back, again as an addition to your home's aesthetics. You should look for a carpet with shapes and twists if you want to stay current.

We hope you have a good idea of the latest flooring trends for 2022 with our guide. If you are looking to update your home but are still unsure of the options then give the experts at Buckby a call! You will get a FREE consultation and quote for your home or project!


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