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6 Places your Losing Energy In your Home

What comes to mind when you think of energy efficiency? Save energy with solar panels, LED bulbs, or an upgraded HVAC system for your home. These things can help you save energy in your home, so you wouldn't be wrong in thinking about them. Could you tell me the places in your home where you lose energy if I asked you? Well, you're lucky since Buckby's experts know where to look, so you can make sure your home is energy efficient and you can reduce your bills.

Walls are the home's first line of defence

Your walls may not be the first thing that springs to mind when you think of saving energy, but they could reduce your energy bills. Your home's walls are your first line of defence when it comes to keeping you safe and warm. Air is blocked from flowing into and out of your house by insulation. The lack of proper insulation inside your walls will most likely cause heat to escape from your home, costing you money.

Are your outlets properly insulated?

As a homeowner, the last thing you think about is going to be your outlets. Your outlets should provide you with energy, not drain it from your home. Despite this, this area of the home is usually overlooked. Many homeowners don't realize their electrical outlets are a potential source of air leaks in their homes. Due to the fact that your outlet is a hole in the wall, air can escape through it. For many homeowners, the primary reason for energy loss is that it isn't obvious or even the first thing they think of when it comes to energy loss. The same as walls, if your outlets are not properly insulated, you will have energy loss.

Insulation of pipes can affect energy loss in your home

In our homes, pipes and wires are usually out of sight, out of mind, so they can be one of the last places we think to check. Getting to the bottom of issues like this on your own can save you money, but it may not be the best or most accurate way and would then be left unresolved. Our recommendation is to leave these types of energy audits to professionals to prevent further damage to your home. You should also check the space around your pipes and wires within your home for air leaks. Pipes and wires leave holes in your home, allowing moisture-heavy air to enter and cause moisture problems. Although we often assume that insulation will be there from the beginning, this is not always the case. The experts at Buckby can help you if you think your energy losses are hidden.

Windows can save energy or lose it

Homeowners are often unaware of the cost of an older single-pane window. Check the age of your windows so that you know when they need replacing. The frame or other aspects of the window could be causing the air leak. We recommend you call a Buckby to inspect your windows and determine the best course of action if you are unsure.

Are your doors in proper condition?

The framing around your doors can cause major air leaks. Hot and cold air expand and contract wood frames, and over time this can cause the door to not fit tightly into the frame, allowing air to escape. Just like with your windows, you can hold up a tissue and see if the air is blowing from the frame. You can also do a simple visual test, since as your door frame shrinks and expands, it can cause the door not to fit correctly over time. Buckby is the company to call if you need new doors or just new frames for your doors.

Garage causes more energy loss than you may know

Although many people don't think of the garage as a direct part of the home, it can be a crucial energy saver for air leaks. Many contractors fail to use the right compressible foam between the concrete floor and lowering frame in garages, thereby compromising their energy consumption. Another example is when contractors don't insulate the garage properly, which will allow the outside air to easily penetrate the walls. Weatherstripping on garage doors can be old and worn, or the door itself can be old. When this happens, your furnace works overtime.

Let Buckby's experts help you identify the source of energy loss if you're not sure where it's coming from. Schedule a consultation today!


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