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The 7 Most Common Home Renovation Fears Homeowners Have

We have all heard horror stories about renovations gone wrong by family or friends. These are a few things everyone is afraid will happen during their renovation. With our trusted experts, we can help you overcome those fears.

Let break down homeowners top 7 fears of home renovation:

1. Not getting the results you want

Our friends have told us stories about hiring a company or a contractor to do a home renovation, but they weren't satisfied with the result. This may be due to a lack of communication, a homeowner changing their mind or a lack of materials available. You will want the results you envisioned when you spend weeks or months doing a project and spend thousands. You can overcome these fears by carefully choosing a highly reputable contractor or contractor's company. Learn how to choose a trustworthy contractor in our blog post.

2. Shoddy work and Inferior materials

As much as we want to save money when it comes to home projects, we want a long-lasting result, so cheap materials and shoddy work can leave you having to fix things sooner rather than later. Before starting any project, make sure you have a written agreement with details or have the plans shown to you by your contractor. Having the ability to watch your contractor work during some parts of the renovation may prove useful. Make sure you educate yourself on what you want to be done, and what materials you would like to use, so you know what to ask for.

3. Contractor won't deliver what was promised

Do your research and do your homework not just on the materials, but also on who you are hiring to work on your home. Read our guide to finding a trustworthy contractor. Read online reviews and conduct an interview with the contractor. A good contractor will communicate any changes with you and will work with you to fix things the way you want if necessary. If you start a project with a contractor who is unwilling to communicate with you, you may need to terminate the contract.

4. Going over budget

In how many horror stories from your friends have you heard about home renovations going over budget? Too many to count. Despite the fact that this is a worry for everyone, it is not something that the contractor or yourself can always control. The materials you need aren't available or the way you want something done will cost you more. Good communication between you and your contractor is crucial. The contractor needs to tell you what is possible within your home and what is within their skill set. To ensure that the details about time and cost estimates are clearly outlined, it's best to have a written contract.

5. Remodel takes longer than expected

Renovations are always time-consuming, and even small projects can take longer than we had anticipated. While you may want a project to take a certain amount of time, things can change quickly during renovation projects. Make sure the contractor you hire sets realistic expectations. If you think the timeline they're giving you is too fast, it probably is. Be sure to discuss a realistic schedule with the contractor and allow some leeway on the end date for any bumps in the road.

6. The disruption and inconvenience

Prepare for the inconvenience and disruption that will occur during the renovation process. It is almost impossible to avoid it, so plan ahead if you need to stay elsewhere. You should ensure that your contractor takes steps to prevent dust, debris, dirt, and other dangers from entering your home. This may include covering floors and isolating the construction area. Be sure to ask your contractor about their protection protocol.

7. The mess in your home and yard

While doing a large home renovation project, you should expect there to be a mess. While not all projects come with big messes, it's best to be prepared for some mess, and expect the contractor to clean it up. Inquire about how they will dispose of the mess they make, or how quickly they will clean it up. Check that they will protect your yard, so you don't have to worry about fixing your yard after fixing the inside of your house.

Trusting a contractor can be scary and we're here to help you overcome those fears. Read our guide to trusting your contractor here. Hope this post helped you overcome those fears. Speak with a Buckby expert today!

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