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What You Need to Know Before Building a Basement Suite

Buckby knows that you want to get the most from your home investment. A basement suite is a great way to do this. It doesn't matter if you're building a basement suite to have extra space or to generate income. Before building a basement suite, make sure you take a few things into consideration.

Check local zoning laws and regulations:

When it comes to building a basement suite, every province will have its own zoning laws. A zone's bylaws can affect the safety of a unit, from fire safety to layout, soundproofing, etc. If you live in an area where there are bylaws, make sure your suite is up to code and ready to rent!

What type of unit you want to build:

It can be more valuable for your rental pricing if you build more bedrooms, but it may also be more expensive to build. You may not want a full kitchen installed, just the main pieces such as a stove, oven, and refrigerator, depending on the type of unit you want. A unit's cost will be determined by the size of your kitchen, laundry room, and the number of bedrooms.

Flooring Choices:

The flooring you choose can influence your energy savings. The cost of replacing the flooring in the unit can be high, so you want something durable. You should always have a subfloor to protect against moisture, and add insulation during the cold months. At Buckby our experts will help you make the best-informed decision on your flooring choice. Whether it's vinyl, carpet or hardwood, you can trust our expert opinion.

Consider some nice-to-haves:

The tenant may not want to fight over the thermostat in the house, so you might consider installing a separately controlled heating system in the unit. Having a separate laundry room will provide convenience to your tenant and privacy to you both. Call Buckby if you have any questions about whether a basement suite is a good investment for you and your house. Let us know when you are ready to begin, so we can take care of the headache of knowing what your suite needs per bylaws.

This guide is intended to help you find the right company or contractor for future home projects, so we hope you have found it useful! Book a consultation with Buckby today if you're looking for a contractor who has expertise, knowledge, and experience.


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